Published on : 2017-05-15 22:51:01

Risk can be defined by looking at technicals. So there is not price transparency in the bitcoin market.   I like to say, if a trade is not risked out, you are rewarded.    Now will a break of the 100 hour MA (assuming it happens at some point) happen at precisely the same time on each exchange bitcoin chart bitstamp.    Looking at the chart, the price moved above the red trend line on December 15th and above the green trend line on December 16th bitcoin chart bitstamp. The bias turns more bearish below, but it needs more.   They had their holiday party on Friday. Right now, without price transparency, we really don t know.   That would be a good thing for the bitcoin trading market. Move below, bearish - to different degrees. There is a red one that comes down from the December 7th peak on this hourly chart, and flatter upward sloping green trend line.    Traders who are not concerned about risk and just want to speculate might make money in spite of their lack of risk concern. Bitcoin has different values on one exchange vs another.   If the different exchanges were transparent, the price on each exchange for Bitcoin would all be the same (give or take a small difference).

For the Bitstamp chart below, the trend line is further above the 100 hour MA What is the same or similar. A break below it, should be even more bearish.   A break below the 100 is a bearish trigger, while a move below the 200 hour MA would be a confirmation trigger.     So if you want to be a trader and not a speculator, the next question is what is your risk.   It is more a horseshoes and hand grenades trading, but the trigger and confirmation can still be the technicals on each respective chart. If I put a chart up of Coinbase s bitcoin, it looks likes this: Traders can define risk (and a bullish and bearish bias) by using technical tools like trend lines and moving averages. Now lets look at the same chart from Bitstamp - a different Bitcoin exchange (see chart below).    To me a trader is not just concerned about reward, but are at least, equally concerned about risk. As the stock market surges to new highs, the Christmas/Holiday parties are not talking Apple, or Microsoft or Intel, but bitcoin. Mon 18 Dec 2017 19:50:58 GMT Bitcoin/Bitstamp charts are different but similar. SUMMARY: To properly trade, you need to focus on risk too.    If the price goes below the 100 hour MA and trend line, traders would still want to see the 200 hour MA broken (green line).   Their stock is up about 28% vs a year ago.     I think we can make the visual judgement - looking at each chart, that they are close (but at different prices).

This chart picture was taken at the same time of the Coinbase chart.   How would a vendor know what to price goods and services,  if the price on one exchange is different than another.      The current 100 hour MA on Coinbase (chart above) is 18424.DigiByte.
.    The 100 hour MA has been breached going back in time.     The same would be true for Bitstamp. If broken, it would confirm a more bearish market (as long as the price stays below). A move below it s 200 hour MA would be a confirmation of the bearishness even though each breaks would be at a higher dollar amount vs Bitstamp.   LONBitcoin technical education: Two exchanges.    So how do I characterize traders who are not concerned about risk.    Does that matter to traders who are not using bitcoin to buy something at some store. 52 while the 100 hour MA on Bitstamp is lower at 18149.   Putting it another way, which exchange do they use to price $200 of goods. .NAV Coin.


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